smart mobile vending

  • Mobile wireless & touch interfaces
  • Online vending, administration & billing
  • Individual products, pricing & preferences
  • Prepaid accounts &
    Cost effective transactions


The koalacup concept is the world's first online coffee machine facilitating gearomat's "smart vending" technology. Coffee drinkers choose and customize "recipes" for their favorite drinks and apply them anytime to any coffee machine attached to the koalacup network. For hazzle-free coinless payment, each user obtains a virtual prepaid coffee fund which gets charged after enjoying a new cup of coffee. Pricing and sponsoring on drinks can be set user-specific, giving companies the ability to incite coffee drinking .. and drinkers the lowest possible cost for coffee.

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Benefits for drinkers:
  • Individual & customized coffee specialties
  • Coinless & cost effective payment
  • Real-time information on machine status and location
  • Instant nutrition information avoiding potential personal intolerances
Benefits for operators:
  • Remote & realtime info on machine status and usage
  • Prepaid drinker accounts without need for cash&coin logistics
  • Realtime customer feedback
  • Central content management for pics, text, nutrition facts, prices .. for all attached machines

gearomat ONE

Gearomat ONE takes machine based product vending to mobile eCommerce level. Registered users can buy products online, app-based or directly at the machine touch interface at their individual rates and get the chosen product right away. All billing options a modern eCommerce platform can offer can be expected at gearomat ONE. Gearomat ONE acts as a remote stock for eCommerce platforms, giving retailers and local shops the ability to sell and "deliver" 24/7.

Benefits for customers:
  • Buying at individual rates
  • Remotely check product availability in nearby machines
  • Payment and billing options like in "normal" retailers' online shop
Benefits for operators:
  • Using vending machine to improve product availability for customers
  • Show machine stored products as part of online stock in webshops
  • Provide real local presence for online shops
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about gearomat

Gearomat vending machines give real-life response to virtual (online) product requests … the real magic of vending machines.

Gearomat was founded 2011 by a team of experienced hardware and software visionaries with the goal to tap the potentials of mobile eCommerce in the realm of vending industry.

We totally focus on generating a unique mobile and personalized vending experience for current and future vending users – giving the vending machine the ability to individually react on it's users requests.

We strongly believe in the benefits of giving machine operators and fill-product suppliers insight into machine usage and high-running products to even enhance customer experience … and by that increasing usage of vending machines.

Gearomat is driven by the idea, to give online sales access to the "real" world of things by transforming vending machines into intelligent vending agents knowing and treating each of it's users individually.

Flexoptix acquired Gearomat and its great technology in 2015.



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